Benjamin Disraeli once said “Most people die with their music still locked inside them”. Sage words if ever I heard them, and one of the things that inspired me to start writing my own blog – to get the music out of my head so that it could be shared with others.

I’m not exactly sure what form the blogs will take, although I’m sure travel will be a recurring theme, but figured that by at least publishing them I’d force myself to live up to my expectations!

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Holden Commodore VF2 Redline – they saved the best till last!

I’ll start this blog with a brief confession.  I’m a bit of a petrolhead.  I’ve owned 12* cars myself (starting with a Triumph Spitfire that used to have a small problem with it’s steering wheel.  And by “small” problem, I mean it was forever falling off as I was driving – not an ideal attribute … Continue reading Holden Commodore VF2 Redline – they saved the best till last!

Tahitian Adventures on the Paul Gauguin

It has to be said that if you don’t have Bora Bora on your bucket list, you need to move something off of it and put it on. I’ve been to a number of the Pacific Islands and Bora Bora easily surpasses all of them for beauty, cleanliness and for what I can only describe as pristine turquoise waters. And believe me, my description does nothing to describe the genuine beauty of those waters. It really needs to be seen to be believed.

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