I’m a 50-something year old Scotsman who is also a naturalised Kiwi, having lived in NZ with my wife Josanne since 1998.

I’ve been married since 1992 and we currently have no kids but five (yes 5!) cats.  They’ve been adopting Josanne for as long as I’ve known her.

I’m mad about sport – my number 1 and 2 loves being football (Rangers Football Club) and Australian V8 Racing (Red Bull Holden Racing Team), but also love Rugby (The Blues) and Basketball (The Breakers).  If I’ve not lost you all by now, please read on!

I’m an Ops guy by profession and have worked in operations across a number of industries for longer than I care to remember.  But I’ve also always had a love of travel and have promised myself for quite some time to do some writing.  I thought I could use this blog to cover off some of each of those, although I’m sure I can blog about just about anything from time to time.

If you like it; let me know.  If you don’t; you can let me know too or just ignore me.  I’m not here to create angst and division – just trying to fulfil a promise I made to myself a long time ago!